A Blog a Day Keeps the Homicidal Monkeys with Exploding Typewriters at Bay

I recently came across this awesome Why We Write blog post by Sera Gamble. For most of you, you have no idea who she is. She’s one of the writer/producers on the show Supernatural and is going to be the show runner for season six (and beyond?). At any point, the post was pretty amazing and well, it moved me.

I’m not going to go into my own personal “why I write” thing right now. But what I do want to do is make a declaration of one blog every single day. It’s not like I have people who follow this blog and will angst and whine when I miss a day. Frankly I’m not doing it for followers (of which I have none). I’m doing it for me. I need the discipline to sit down and blog about something every day. If I can write a huge lengthy blog every night on my trip to New York after hours of walking and getting up early, I’m sure I can spare some time to write after a four hour shift at Jamba Juice.

I don’t guarantee that I’ll be sticking to my previous plans of reviewing films and shows. I don’t even guarantee that the posts will have anything to do with anything. But I do want to make it a point to write one single blog every day.

If I skip a day and anyone cares to call me on it, I’ll send you a cookie.

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  1. I’d follow you (and not just for the cookies) if I could figure out *how*…


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